Online singing lessons and vocal coaching

Online voice training

Andy offers singing lessons and vocal coaching via Zoom for clients who cannot attend his studio in person.

If you're:

  • not based in the UK
  • unable to travel
  • on tour
  • recording in a studio

the wonders of modern technology mean that there's no need for you to miss out on a one-to-one session with Andy!

Using Zoom means that anyone with a fairly standard set-up at home or in the office (see Zoom requirements below) can have an effective coaching sesssion.

Andy's St Helens studio is equipped with fast, fibre-optic broadband, an HD webcam and stereo sound, so a Zoom lesson is as close to an actual physical session as possible.

I've done traditional lessons with Andy Follin for several years - his knowledge and expertise as a singing and vocal coach is unrivalled. Because of COVID he's now offering online sessions, which have been surprisingly brilliant - they're different to face to face lessons of course, but they do offer new possibilities. If you're serious about improving, don't hesitate to try these.

Martin - Classical singer

Zoom Online Vocal Coaching

Andy uses Zoom in preference to Skype and Facetime etc as it has proven to be the most effective online teaching medium. Other platforms are designed to be used for 'normal' communication and whilst they're effective for such uses, they have a number of issues when it comes to singing lessons. Zoom offers the teacher a number of interactive tools to make an online lesson as efficient as possible.

Although Zoom is preferable to other platforms, there are still a number of issues. Even the slight time delay makes it impractical for Andy to accompany your lesson as he would in a face to face session. For the online lesson to be most effective, you'll need to be able to play music at your end, so that Andy can hear both your voice and the music in sync with each other. For this, it's best if you can have a separate device (e.g. phone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker) on which to play music.

Andy will also give you access to a Vocal Exercises folder on Dropbox where he has pre-recorded numerous exercises. You can then work through them in the session and have as normal a warm-up as possible.

When it comes to songs, if you can get backing tracks for any songs you want to work on, great. If you need suggestions of where to get them, let Andy know which songs you want to work on and he can recommend a few sites. He's also uploaded quite a few to Dropbox.

Zoom lessons - what you need

It's possible to have a Zoom lesson on even a fairly basic iPhone or tablet over wifi, but the better your setup, the better the experience.

Recommended setup

  • A laptop with the following specification:
    • CPU - at least 1.8 GHz
    • Graphics card - at least 64 MB
    • Memory - at least 512 MB
  • A wired high-speed broadband connection (at least 1.2M)
  • A HD webcam
  • A microphone and speakers (built-in or separate headset with microphone)
  • A device to play Backing Tracks and Exercises

Minimum setup

  • Smart phone or tablet with the following specification:
    • Any 1 Ghz single core processor or better (non-Intel)
    • iOS 8.0 or later:
      • Send and receive video using front or rear camera
      • iPhone 4 or later, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 2 or later, iPod touch 4th Generation, iPhone 3GS (no front facing camera)
    • iPadOS 13 or later
    • Android 5.0x or later
    • iOS/iPadOS: Safari5+, Chrome
    • Android: Webkit (default), Chrome
  • A 3G, 4G or 5G connection with the following speeds:
    • 600kbps (up/down) for high quality video
    • 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video
  • A device to play Backing Tracks and Exercises

Andy recommends that you get familiar with Zoom before using it for a singing lesson, to ensure you don't waste any of your lesson time on teething problems.

Ready to take the next step?

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