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Vocal Skills - Contact Details

NB Andy teaches at various times of the day, so is often unable to answer calls. For the quickest response, send him an email. He'll get back to you as soon as he's available.


[email protected]

Mobile (text)

07702 825908

Current Teaching Hours

Monday: 0930 to 1930 Tuesday: 0930 to 1930 Wednesday: 0930 to 1930 Thursday: 0930 to 1830 Friday: 0930 to 1730 Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed


Vocal Skills
Top Floor
Theatre Buildings
8, Corporation St
St Helens
WA10 1DZ

Location Map

Theatre Buildings

What to look for

The Theatre Buildings sit between the Pear Tree Cafe (marked "Corporation Buildings") and the Theatre Royal itself. The words "Theatre Buildings" are etched in the glass above the door.

Theatre Buildings Front Door

Where to park

If you're coming by bus or train, it's literally a few minutes' walk away. If you're driving, there's plenty of paid on-street parking around there, and a good few public car parks (all parking is free after 6pm). There are also a number of 2 hour free bays if you're lucky enough to find an empty one! Here's a map showing where they all are:

Vocal Skills Parking

Vocal Skills Studio

Professional vocal coaching from a fully equipped and modernised studio.

Based in the top floor of a period Victorian building, overlooking the Civic Quarter, the studio is light, airy and spacious.

Specialist Lessons